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For more than 40 years, Ágora Purchasing Centre, founded by the Hotusa Group, has been enabling hotels to improve their competitiveness in terms of costs and operational efficiency, while also offering access to leading providers that can globally supply establishments with the best market prices.

WHY WORK WITH US?We focus on growing your hotel by optimising costs and using efficient management solutions.

Operational efficiency: Carry out management tasks from an innovative platform that provides a comprehensive solution to professionalise your purchase management.
Marketplace: Our marketplace guarantees you the perfect shopping experience and customisation of all processes.
Negotiation by volume: Negotiation by volume sees you benefit from the most competitive prices on the market
Specialist providers: Access more than 100 leading suppliers on the market and a catalogue with more than 10,000 products.


Each year, Ágora Purchasing Centre organises an exclusive event bringing together industry-leading manufacturers, distributors and suppliers with the purchasing managers of our partner hotels.

The convention involves two days of intense networking, exclusive presentations and beneficial meetings for closing quality commercial deals.
The convention will be attended by more than 50 major brands of products and services aimed at the hotel industry, which will ensure agile service and provisioning thanks to their extensive network of sales offices distributed throughout the Peninsula.



  • Personalised advice
    Our in-depth knowledge of the market and the 100+ suppliers who work with us allow us to advise you on the best solutions and opportunities for your hotel. Our job is to put everything you need at your fingertips, and to do this we look for the best option in terms of prices and features.
  • Resource optimisation
    We provide you with the best tools, specially designed to enable you to work more optimally, saving time and streamlining tasks. Your team will have access to a portal with a thoughtful user experience that will change the way purchases are handled at your hotel.
  • Results-oriented
    We work to ensure a positive impact on your results. To do this, we listen to you, advise you and accompany you in your daily goals. We know that each hotel is different, and at Ágora Purchasing Centre we are committed to your business, which means always being available to guide you when necessary.
We help more than 1,200 hotels supply their establishments with the best prices on the market.
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Our benefits

    Our flagship service. A detailed analysis of the hotel’s cost structure to detect all inefficiencies and quantify the economic impact of resolving them. Alongside this document, an action plan is drawn up with the hotel outlining the changes to be taken in a coordinated manner in order to optimise purchases and achieve the established improvement.

    We provide a tool that has been designed to be agile and functional. All information and daily negotiations with all suppliers are shown in the platform. From here, you can check prices, contact the Purchasing Centre and suppliers, and you can even place orders through the website. We operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

    Through our team of advisers, we are able to listen and attend to each hotel’s needs. This involves advising, informing, assisting and doing personalised individual follow-ups, taking into account the unique features of each establishment.

    We identify relevant suppliers and negotiate with them to obtain the best price and resolve any issues that may arise.
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